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So Bold Marketing Top Tool Kit - Week 1

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Have you noticed how professional Social posts have become?

How are they all doing it?

We have had a crazy year where some of us learned how to knit, how to bake Banana bread, Elderflower cordial and every detail of what is within our 5KM radius. We have also upgraded our expectations on social because guess what, everyone has been learning social.

Or maybe that is just how it seems...

Anna and I have been working with Social literally since it began we want to share a few of the tools we use over the next few weeks so that you can try them out and also give your Social posts that professional lick of paint.

Enjoy :)

One of my favorites is Grammarly

While we are both creative writers, my spelling can let me down, (Mercedes here), particularly if I write on my phone, (not very delicate hands) or multi-tasking, (not a great idea to write in the name of your company while carrying the shopping, finding the keys for the door or while on the phone). I found Grammarly while attending a class for dyslexic learners and it has been such a great tool and is useful for everyone. Grammarly gives me great confidence when putting a blog or a post together. There is a free version that you can download onto your laptop or phone, it will give suggestions and highlight any words that need to be fixed. I love that it also gives you an emoji to indicate the tone of your piece. Well worth a try.

Canva is like finding treasure, this great tool will help you brand all of your posts, size them for each channel, add funky text and images and lots more. I have a professional account now but used a free one for years. With Canva we can add our logo to posts, background colours, images from their stock, video, animations and more. The sizing tool saves so much time and means you can re-purpose posts easily and know that you won't loose half your post around the border when you share to other channels.

Try these out and if you have any questions send us a message and will do our best to help.

More to come next week


We are So Bold Marketing Ireland

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