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Our Hotel Services

Sales & Marketing for Hotels


Specialist services for Hotels

We have well over 40 years of experience between us in Hotel Sales and marketing in independent and Group Hotels...and we love them!!!

We like to call our approach 'HOTEL SMARKETING'


Hotel Sales Mentor + Training

Onsite 1-to-1 SALES coaching of your appointed sales team members. We go back to basics and get granular with the sales journey, the how-to, the planning, the sales call/ the sales show-round, the reporting and most importantly, how to bring in those revenue targets for the hotel. This service includes:

  • Pre-Visit Audit of Website/ Online Presence - all sales channels lead back to this;

  • Meet up with Hotel Owner/GM to identify Business Goals;

  • Audit of existing Sales Efforts, Processes, Systems & Reporting;

  • Sales Planning with Templates & recommended Systems;

  • Sales Skills Coaching - for example: how to carry out a sales appointment, how to conduct a sales showround etc;

  • 3 Month Sales Action Plan aligned to your Property's sales revenue budgets; 

  • Post-Visit Mentoring/Check-In for 3 months - Video Calls x 3, midway teach month

Half Day and Full Day Fees apply



Hotel Marketing Coaching 

We are sales focused Marketeers! This is a service that covers all the marketing needs of a multi-faceted hotel (both online and offline!) and offers an on-site visit and 1-to-1 coaching of your Marketing Executive / Intern / Social Media Ambassador, to include:


  • Pre-visit Digital Audit of Online Presence;

  • Meet up with Hotel Owner/GM to identify Business Goals;

  • Marketing Ideas Generation Power Session aligned to your property's goals; 

  • Population of a 12 Month Marketing Plan with Template & Tools;

  • 3 Month Content Plan & Social Media Calendar again aligned to your property; 

  • 50 Website & Social Content ideas;

  • Post-visit Mentoring/Check-In - monthly check-in Video Calls x 3 midway each month.

Half Day and Full Day Fees apply

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